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Link Submission: Benefits and Types of This SEO Strategy

Submitting your article link to a search engine for faster indexing is called link submission. It allows search engines to recognize a new blog has been uploaded to your website. This article discusses the various components of link submission.

What is directory Submission?

Link Submission Directory Submission

An SEO strategy to build backlinks is what directory submission refers to. It is a part of link submission and is crucial in improving search engine optimization for your website.

One of the most asked questions in the SEO realm is, ‘is directory submission still working?’ The answer is yes. But the only way you can extract the benefits of this technique is by doing it right. Link submission in directories has proven highly beneficial for local SEO.

There are seven different types of link submission techniques that come under the purview of directory submission. We take you through each technique in detail and discuss the benefits of using each one of them.

  • Paid link submission
  • Free link submission
  • Manual submission
  • Automatic submission
  • Do follow submission
  • No follow submission
  • Niche or specialized submission

Paid link submission

Paid link directory submission, as the name suggests, is when you pay a directory partner to submit your URL. On these platforms, your link will receive approval almost immediately or within a maximum of 24 hours. The benefit of using paid link submission is instant access to backlinks from paid package directories.

Free link submission

Submission of article links on a free directory is one way to aid your SEO. You need to know that using a free directory takes up a lot of time. Also, there is no real assurance of obtaining an approved link by the admin of the directory. The only perk is that you can skip paying for submission.

Manual submission

Manual submission is the process of manually submitting your article URL to directories for indexing. You have complete control over your directories when you opt for manual submission. You can search for high-authority directories.

Choosing a directory allows you to find one that can increase the popularity of your link, improve your keyword ranking, and build relevant backlinks.

“Manual link submission is considered the most effective way to rank your keywords on the first page of Google.”

Automatic submission

Automatic Submission

The contrary to manual submission is the existence of automatic submission. This process is undertaken using various SEO tools that automate submitting your URL to directories.

The only drawback is that you don’t have control over the directories to which the tool automatically submits your link.

Do follow submission

Do follow links generally means links that search engines follow to reach a linked website. What this does is that it passes link juice from the authority site on which the link is featured.

Submitting your URL to ‘do follow’ directories is one way to obtain a search engine results page. It has proven highly effective in the local SEO domain.

No follow submission

It is a debatable method of link submission. A no follow link is essentially one that contains HTML tags in the link that direct search engines to stop the pass of link juice from the authority site.

You would wonder why anyone would prefer opting for no follow directory submission. But there are benefits to using this method as well. The importance of no follow links grew when Google started penalizing paid links.

As per recent studies, it has been found that Google does attribute value to no follow link sites.

Niche or specialized submission

This form of link directory submission is specific to a particular niche. You can submit your URL to a directory that is related to your business or industry. Niche directory submission is basically a category under the general link directory.

Benefits of Link Submission

There are several SEO benefits of link submission practice through online directories. Here are some of the top perks of following this method of SEO tactics:

  • A cost-effective method of improving your website ranking
  • It provides you an opportunity to receive relevant traffic to your website
  • Increases the visibility of your website on search engines
  • It can lead to higher conversion rates on your website
  • You can establish a strong brand identity through link juice from authority sites

Other linking tactics to improve your SEO

When it comes to improving your website SEO, there are other linking techniques that you can utilize. Here are some of the linking strategies that you must know.

  • It’s always important to include internal links in your blog articles. These links can be to your site’s relevant pages related to the article.
  • Including external links is a part of the SEO strategy. The external links you need to add to your blog are flexible in number. You can add up to two links to other high-authority sites related to your topic.

In SEO, there are several different strategies that you can implement to obtain desirable results. One such approach is the process of submitting links to directories. Directing traffic to your site using the link submission process can benefit your website.

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