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Packaging Design Agency Dubai

Packaging design service is the process of deciding the structure, font, imagery and information that goes on your product package. It is essential to strike a balance between making your packages creative for marketing while also retaining all the regulatory requirements. At NeverStop Media, our graphic designers specialize in designing creative and unique packaging designs that deliver an impactful representation of your brand.

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What are packaging design services? 

The creative process of designing your product package, which includes; form of the package, typography, color combinations, imagery and product description is referred to as packaging design.

When customers walk into a store, or surf online for a product, the one that catches the eye is more likely to be purchased. This impact is created by the potential your packaging design holds. Therefore, to attract more customers towards your products, obtaining specialized packaging design services in Dubai is essential.

Here’s what we offer at NSM

Designing a package requires the careful consideration of several key factors. Some of these include, product protection, information, promotion of brand, and utility of use.

At our packaging design agency in Dubai, we take all of these aspects into consideration to develop packages that best represent your brand. Following are the components we ensure to deliver through our packaging design services:

  • Creativity and uniqueness
  • Timelessness
  • Relevant and informative
  • Safe and durable

Creativity and uniqueness 

As part of your ongoing branding initiative, obtaining packages for your products that exhibit creativity and uniqueness is essential. Our designers have garnered years of experience and expertise designing packages for clients across various industries that have proven to be effective. Therefore, enabling us to produce more bespoke packages that suit your marketing requirements.


Obsolete design ques, colors and fonts, will not attract the attention of customers. We analyze trends, to incorporate design elements that are relevant to the current market requirements. What customers are looking for today, is what we integrate in your packaging designs.

“Packaging design is one of the most important aspects when it comes to product launch or relaunch.”

Relevant and informative

Different industries have varied packaging needs and requirements. At NSM, we don’t shy away from your requests. We deliver packaging designs and regulatory information that are relevant to your niche and industry. Be it FMCG, Electronics, or other luxury products, we are here to serve your packaging needs.

Safe and durable

It’s not just the asthetics that we focus on but also the functionality of a package. Using materials that are suitable for your product is essential in ensuring its protection. The design requirements also depend on the material of packaging that is required. Hence, we provide equal priority towards design and durability while developing your product packages.

Trends to look out for in 2024

Packaging designs are continually evolving. What’s relevant today, might not be the same down the line. The trends are constantly changing, hence we monitor them to create effective packaging designs for your brand.

To help you understand the packaging design trends that are currently relevant, here are some of the highlights:

Packaging trends in 2024
3D patterns and embossing
Minimalistic dual color designs
Collage packaging designs
Doodle art packaging designs
Character Illustration designs
Integration of QR codes for interactivity

Frequently asked questions about packaging design in Dubai .

What is the process of designing a package?

The process of designing a package starts with understanding your requirements, the primary color schemes of your brand, suitable imagery, and regulatory information regarding your industry. Once we have this information, we then develop design concepts for your approval, based on your confirmation we finalize and deliver the packaging designs.

What are the factors to focus on when developing a packaging design?

We focus on simplicity, clarity, creativity, and informative designs while developing packaging designs for your products. Customers are drawn towards products that use effective colors, easy to read fonts, clear and concise product descriptions, and overall creative design. Therefore, we prioritize these 4 components of packaging design.

How much does a packaging company in Dubai charge?

The costs of obtaining packaging design services from NeverStop Media purely depends on your packaging requirements. The structure, complexity of design and other factors determine the cost of our packaging design services. To obtain a quote from us, we recommend you to provide us with all your requirements beforehand.

What are the functions of packaging?

The three main functions of packaging are to contain your product, protect it, and communicate its features. While developing a packaging design, its effectiveness can be tested against these three main functions.

How many types of packaging materials are there?

There are 9 different types of packaging materials that are commonly used to develop packages. Metal, plastic, cardboard, shrink film, foil, paperboard, clamshell, boxes and bio-plastics come under these different types of packaging. These types are selected based on the type of product and rigidity required.

What is the difference between packaging and packing?

What is commonly used as interchangeable terms, is a wrong interpretation of each word. Both packaging and packing are terms that refer to different processes. The word packaging refers to the process of designing the package, on the other hand the word packing merely means placing the product into the package.

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