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Facebook Marketing Agency in Dubai

One of the world’s leading social media platforms, Facebook, has transformed into a major marketing platform for businesses. The opportunity to reach a global audience using Facebook has made it more appealing to brands. At NeverStop Media, our team of digital marketers, writers, and designers work in collaboration to create unique ads for Facebook, while also ensuring proper management and growth in your following.

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What is Facebook marketing?

The use of Facebook to promote your brand is simply referred to as Facebook marketing. What started as a social media app for youngsters to share their lifestyle and stories has evolved into a more complex digital marketing platform. 

“36% of the world’s population is on Facebook which shows the potential of this mega social media platform.”

Facebook has showcased several exciting opportunities for brands that are planning to expand online to cater to an international audience. 

6 Types of Facebook advertisements

  • Graphical/Image ads
  • Video advertisements
  • Poll ads
  • Carousel advertisements
  • Story ads
  • AR advertisements

Graphical/Image ads

One of the most common forms of advertising, Facebook Image ads, are advertisements that feature a graphic or image representing a product or service. Image ads are popular among eCommerce brands, as it’s easy to showcase the product with a link to their website. 

While creating unique designs for your Facebook Image ads, we ensure to keep the on graphic text covering less than 20% of the total image space. The overuse of text will distract the audience away from the product, which may lead to lack of interest. 

Therefore, while developing images for your Facebook ads we consider all the factors to ensure maximum effectiveness of your ads.

Video advertisements

The most attention seeking form of advertising, Facebook video ads provide you the opportunity to showcase your products and services in more detail. Having too long a video, with disorienting format of editing can immediately throw-off the viewer. 

“More than 1.25 billion people are known to consume videos on Facebook each month.”

With the help of our graphic designers and editors, we create seamless video advertisements of your product along with all the relevant and valuable information. 

Poll ads

These are interactive ads that serve as a method of learning customers interests and perspectives. Polls ads are a great way to improve engagement with viewers. Some of the benefits of using poll ads are to survey customs, boost engagement, and conduct market research.

Carousel advertisements

One of the most effective ways to promote a collection of products, carousel ads provides you the opportunity to feature up to 10 images and videos in a particular format. These images and video files can be attached to a specific link making it easy to access the products directly on their website.

Although you can let Facebook’s algorithm arrange the order of the images and videos, we still prefer manual intervention here. We set all the images and videos in a sequential and structural order, relevant to the marketing plan. 

Story ads

Facebook story ads have been the hype lately. According to some stats, around 73% of users have expressed their interest towards stories rather than scrolling through the feed. Stories have become highly engaging and are easy to grasp the attention of the viewer. 

We create unique short ads that capture the essence of your business, while retaining the interest of the audience.

AR advertisements

A more recent addition to Facebook ads, Augmented Reality ads (AR) are the immersive form of advertisement. When the audience views your ads, the interactive elements placed on the ad provide instructions to engage with the ad.

The use of AR advertisements opens a massive avenue for businesses to help their customers try out their products, while also helping them understand the dimensions of it. This innovative form of advertising has revolutionized the way we see and perceive products today.

Get the best Facebook marketing services at NeverStop Media

Our SEO agency in Dubai is here to serve your Facebook marketing requirements. We understand the nuances of Facebook advertising, to develop trend specific ad content. From video ads, to AR advertisements, we can create anything that can make your brand stand out from competition. 

Whether you are a lifestyle brand or an FMCG product, if you are looking for effective and high-quality Facebook ad content and management. Make sure to check out our services at NeverStop Media.

Frequently asked questions about Facebook advertising services in Dubai.

How much do Facebook marketing services in Dubai cost?

Marketing is an ongoing process, so are the costs. The cost of obtaining Facebook Marketing services from NSM, will depend on your marketing needs. Both short-term and long-term Facebook campaigns and strategies will cost differently.  

Which is the best Facebook marketing agency in Dubai?

NeverStop Media is one Dubai’s leading Facebook ads marketing agency. We specialize across all different forms of Facebook ads types and management. 

What are the components of Facebook marketing?

Four key components create the framework Facebook advertising these include, visual aspect, the content, Call to action (CTA), and type of Ads. Getting these components right, will increase the chances of achieving your marketing goals.

Benefits of Facebook advertising?

Utilizing Facebook advertising as part of your digital marketing campaign provides you several benefits. One of the most prominent ones has to be the exposure. With over 2.9 billion users on the platform, the reach is exceptionally large.  

What are the advantages of working with a Facebook advertising agency?

Working with a Facebook advertising agency like NeverStop Media provides you with the expertise that you need. While you are the expert in your niche, we know and understand how to effectively use Facebook ads to your advantage.

Is Facebook marketing necessary for my business?

In today’s time, the market is all online. This means that the audience that we aim to target are all present and active on various digital platforms. One such social media platform is Facebook, therefore, we think using Facebook advertising can vastly increase your brand awareness.

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