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Google Ads Services in Dubai

Google ads is a digital medium for promoting your business online to help bring more awareness towards your products and services. It’s an effective method of driving traffic to your website to increase sales conversions. Our team of digital marketing specialists at NeverStop Media, analyze your marketing needs and implement all the best practices of Google ads that you can benefit from.

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What are Google ads services?   

In the simplest form, Google Adwords enables your business to promote your products and services online while helping you increase your website traffic. If you are a brand that is looking to expand your market base, our effective Google ads services in Dubai can help you with that.

Google Adwords program – The services we offer

Our Google ads program includes Search ads, Map ads, Display ads, Shop ads, and YouTube ads. We target your business towards potential customers using these different types of online advertising techniques to ensure maximum market outreach. When it comes to digital marketing there are different methods like influencer marketing, email marketing, and social media. Perhaps, one of the most commonly used and effective methods is Google ads.

Search ads

The ads that are displayed in the first segment of search results are referred to as search ads. These paid ads help boost visibility for your brand and business and can ultimately result in increased website traffic and sales conversion.

We incorporate all the important keywords that people search for and optimize your website content effectively. Therefore, when customers search for a particular product or service, the websites that show up at the top of the Google search page are more likely to get clicks.

Map ads

On the results page, map ads are placed second to search ads. These advertisements highlight not only your website but also the locations where your business is available at. For visitors who search online for a particular product or any given service, your brand site is advertised along with your business location.

With map ads, you not only have the chance to increase your website traffic but physical traffic to your outlets as well. For all local retail businesses, using map ads is a highly-effective medium of bringing in more customers into your stores.

Display ads

One of the most popular forms of online advertising. Display ads are a way to bring more traffic to your website through other high-authority sites.

We specialize in targeting relevant websites to place your display ads on. Which ultimately helps attract the attention of potential customers towards your brand.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads are placed right after the map ads section on the Google search results page. It showcases individual products with certain key details pertaining to them. This makes it easy for your business to directly showcase your product on the search page, which can potentially encourage visitors to click on it.

YouTube/Video ads     

Creative videos that showcase your brand are advertised through YouTube. These video ads play before a certain video, during a video, or separately as a full video on the YouTube search results page.

“About 75 – 90% of all traffic goes to websites that display on the first page of Google”

With about 2.1 billion users across the world, the potential YouTube holds as a digital marketing platform is huge.

Google ads services agency – Why you should choose our services

NSM specializes in providing Google advertising services. With the help of our digital marketers, you can now expand your customer base through effective online advertising. Here’s how we can help you achieve your marketing goals through our Google ads service:

  • Help you utilize Google market reach
  • Assist you in expanding your local customer base
  • Enabling international exposure for your business
  • We help you in retargeting your customers
  • Analyzing and reporting your Google ads campaign

Help you utilize Google market reach

With over 4.3 billion users on Google, the market reach is immense. With our Google ad services, you have the opportunity to promote your business to a large number of people around the globe.

Assist you in expanding your local customer base

Our Google ads management service helps you expand your local customer base through Map ads and other regional-specific advertisements.

Enabling international exposure for your business

When we create a Google ad campaign for your business, the scope of it is not limited to local regions only but can also reach an international audience. Google has programmed its algorithm in such a way that it analyzes the interests of customers across the globe and targets your advertisements to them.

We help you in retargeting your customers

Retaining customers is as important as bringing in newer ones. Most people go online to search for a particular product or service to purchase and do not complete the transaction. This is when Google ads retargeting comes into the picture. The data that we derive through analysis helps us retarget the advertisements to those who have previously shown interest in those products.

Analyzing and reporting your Google ads campaign

Marketing campaigns can be successful through periodic analysis and reporting. We use advanced Google analytics tools to keep track of the performance and make necessary changes to the campaign when required. This enables us to make effective marketing decisions for your business and gives you an insight into the interests and behavior of the market.

Components of Google ads that we focus on

While managing your Google ads campaign, we empathize on a few aspects that are important to improve the impact and performance of the ads.

  • Conversion rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Lookalike audience
  • Keyword Planning
  • Google ads quality score

Conversion rate 

Using Google analytics tools, we measure the rate of conversions through the ads that we have run. This helps us get a clear picture of how many people, from which regions and age categories have converted into sales. Thus, it enables us to design suitable campaigns in the future.

Click-through rate

We monitor the number of clicks on your advertisement. When a click-through rate is high, it indicates the relevance of the advertisement and its match to search queries.

Lookalike audience

Google monitors millions of search queries a day. Thus, it recognizes the interests of people based on their queries and categorizes these queries as lookalike audiences. This enables us to push advertisements specific to these groups of people who could potentially be your customers.

Keyword Planning 

For Google ads, using the right keywords is essential. Although these are paid ads, knowing what keywords to use is important. We use advanced tools to identify the most effective keywords based on Google searches and integrate them into your advertising campaigns.

Google ads quality score

The search engine monitors factors such as CTR, content quality, and previous SERPs to determine a specific score. Your advertisement ranking is based on the quality score you have received. Therefore, we analyze all the important components to make necessary adjustments and secure an improved score.

Top highlights of Google ads

With over 4 billion users, Google is the largest and most powerful search engine here till date. Therefore, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider Google ads for your business:

Google Highlights Top Stats
Google search page 1 98% of visitors choose a site on the first search page of Google
Search engine Domain Second-most visited domain of 2022
Display campaigns Reach 90% global internet users
PPC Campaign Two out of five SMEs run PPC campaigns
Google Ads reach Over 2 million applications and websites are part of the network

NeverStop Media – Your Google advertising agency in Dubai

We help you boost your brand visibility, promote your products and services, and grow your website traffic to ultimately increase your conversion rate. Our Google ads company covers all the important aspects that are required to help your business reach a local as well as an international audience.

Frequently asked questions about Google ads services in Dubai .

Which is the best Google advertising agency in Dubai?

NeverStop Media provides you with a comprehensive package of Google ads assistance. Our team of experienced digital marketers implements all the best practices to help your business reach a wider audience.

How much do Google ads services cost in Dubai?

Costs related to Google ads aren’t fixed. The prices vary in terms of your business requirements.

Are running Google ads beneficial?

Running Google ads for your business can substantially increase your brand visibility and can result in increased sales.

How can I analyze Google ad results?

We conduct periodic analyses of all the Google ad campaigns we run to provide you with reports on a timely basis.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-per-click refers to an advertising technique wherein you pay the advertiser every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement.

What is the difference between SEO and Google Adwords?

While SEO refers to the integration of keywords and website optimization to bring in organic traffic, Google Adwords is a paid method of doing so.

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