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Instagram Marketing Agency Dubai

One of the most prominent social media platforms today, Instagram has over two billion active users. The vast scale of users provides brands the opportunity to market and promote their products and services across a wider scope of people. If you are an established brand or an upcoming company, looking to create an Instagram presence, NeverStop Media will help you with that.

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What is Instagram marketing?

The effective use of Instagram to promote your business to people across various age categories and demographics is referred to as Instagram marketing. 

In 2013, the practice of social media marketing started to gain momentum, with  Instagram marketing becoming extremely popular. Brands across various industries, be it fashion, automobile and lifestyle have all utilized the potential of this mega social media platform.   

“60% of users on Instagram use the platform to find new products and services.”

Key essentials of Instagram marketing we prioritize

Marketing on Instagram is common among all forms of business. Although it may seem simple to promote your business on this platform, there are a few essential aspects that need to be taken into consideration. 

The digital marketing specialists, at our SEO company in Dubai, prioritize these important aspects throughout the marketing process. Here are all the key essentials we emphasize on:

  • Setting up of goals
  • Resourcing & research
  • Production of content
  • Performance tracking 

Setting up of goals

Before we proceed into formulating an Instagram marketing Dubai strategy it is important to set a certain target and objective. This helps us understand what your marketing goals are to prepare our marketing plans accordingly. 

Instagram is a vibrant social media platform that holds immense potential to get your products and services to reach millions of people. Perhaps, knowing what your brand aims to achieve will help us create a robust Instagram marketing plan to target those million and more audiences.

Resourcing & research

Once we understand what your marketing requirements and goals are, the process of gathering the required resources and conducting research becomes easier. 

Our team utilizes the latest tools for designing your advertising posters, and other automation software to schedule and maintain a marketing calendar. We integrate all the required resources to improve the quality of advertising posts while making the overall process seamless.

When it comes to researching content, and other trendy aspects to market your brand effectively, we put in the extra mile to obtain valuable data. This helps us create meaningful material for your customers to view, while maintaining the creative competitive edge.

Production of content

Your Instagram audience is constantly seeking for new, informative, and attractive content. Be it the graphics or written material, the authenticity and uniqueness of the content will pave the way for your conversions.

Our team of digital marketers analyze market patterns, trends, and other essential factors that can make your Instagram ads relevant to your viewers.

Performance tracking

Change and variance is a factor of success when it comes to online marketing strategies. You can’t always succeed with one marketing plan, especially when it comes to Instagram marketing. 

This is why our team continuously monitors the performance of your Instagram ads and other campaigns to understand the areas for improvement.  

Different types Instagram ads we specialize in

Similar to that of Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing supports various different forms of advertisement types. From video ads to story ads and more, the types of ads we can provide are plenty. 

Perhaps of all the different types Instagram ads present today, the following are the ones that have proven to be the most effective: 

  • Video Instagram ads
  • Image ads
  • Instagram story ads
  • Explore ads 
  • Carousel ads
  • Instagram shopping ads

Video Instagram ads

An Instagram video marketing strategy is essential for your business. The stats show that 91% of Instagram users watch IG videos on a weekly basis. Video content has proven to have a higher retention rate making it more desirable for brands to use.

Image ads

This form of Instagram advertising is suitable to display on the audience feed and for your stories as well. It has been noted that accounts with followers less than 100K have witnessed better performance on image ads as compared to video ads. 

Therefore, we make such careful observations, to identify what form of advertising type is suitable for your business and provide the same. 

Instagram story ads

In 2019, Instagram saw more than 500 million active users on their stories. The number of users have consistently increased, showing the potential scale of audience available to target. 

We can create dedicated Instagram stories ads including images, video and other forms. Brands can also advertise the products and service, while posing a question using polls options. This way you can increase the engagement rate on your profile.  

Explore ads 

With over 50% of active Instagram users accessing the explore section on Instagram every month, the place poses a great opportunity for exposure. An explore ad is visible on your general tab besides trending content as simple photos or video. 

Viewers will only know that it’s an ad, if they click it. This has been designed to create a seamless integration of ad content amidst other culturally relevant content. Our team can help you obtain creative ads that can be targeted as explore ads.

“A study shows that Instagram currently has more female users than male, which is why most fashion brands have adopted Instagram marketing.”

Carousel ads

The carousel ads on Instagram are a series of videos and images that viewers can swipe through in a sequence. These ads feature a swipe up link or a CTA button that directs the user to your website.

Carousel ads are suitable when you wish to showcase a collection of products that are related to one another, and a short-story divided into different segments. This particular ad type is known to increase audience retention, by holding the attention of your viewers. 

Instagram shopping ads

This social media has significantly improved its eCommerce features. There are over 130 million active users on Instagram who click on the shopping posts. The latest updates by Instagram also enables users to purchase the products directly on the app. 

We also assist you in creating an Instagram shopping catalog, a necessity to run shopping ads of your brand and products. 

Reasons to choose Instagram for marketing

  • Strong visual platform – Instagram is all about creative visuals
  • A large audience – 2 billion active users on the platform 
  • An engagement platform – Brands can engage with their customers for out of the box ideas and posts. That’s exactly what we strive to deliver to all our customers. If you are a clothing brand, a lifestyle brand or in the dental business, any and every form of business can make use of Instagram marketing. If you are looking to up your gram game, and impress a massive audience, reach out to us at NeverStop Media today.

Frequently asked questions about Instagram marketing Dubai.

Which is the best Instagram marketing agency in Dubai?

NeverStop Media is lead instagram marketing dubai agency. Our team of creative designers and writers, develop attention seeking and engaging Instagram ad content.

How much does an Instagram marketing company charge?

The cost of Instagram marketing relies on the requirements of your marketing needs. From poster designs, content creation, to Instagram marketing campaigns, the complexity of the project and duration will determine your cost of marketing.

What are the benefits of using Instagram marketing?

Although there are several notable benefits of using Instagram marketing, the one that stands out is its exposure. Ages between 25 - 34 captivate about 48% of Instagram’s user base. Which provides a great avenue for businesses to target using unique Instagram marketing strategies.

Types of Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are similar to that of Facebook ads. The types of marketing ads under this platform in 2022 include, image ads, creative video ads, story ads, carousel ads, explore ads, and shopping ads.  

Difference between social media marketing and Instagram marketing?

Social media marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses all forms of social media platforms that are used for marketing. Therefore, Instagram marketing is a part of social media marketing. 

Is Instagram marketing important for my business?

Well every form of business can make an effective utilization of Instagram marketing. As of 2019, more than 25 million businesses were known to use Instagram for marketing approaches. Whether you are an SME or a large scale conglomerate, Instagram has proven to be effective across all forms of business.

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