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Top 7 Ways to Get Free Site Backlinks

Free site backlinks can help your website gain more traffic, reputation, and engagement. While backlinking is an integral part of SEO, only a few know the inexpensive and easy ways to build them. This article closely examines the necessity of backlinking and the best ways to do it for free.

Before learning how to get free site backlinks, it is essential to get a clear idea of what it entails. Backlinking is an off-page SEO process of creating links to your website from an external source. It includes web directories, websites, blogs, and more. Building backlinks has several benefits.

  • It helps in expanding your brand’s professional network
  • Boosts your website’s appeal among search engines
  • Adds credibility to your website and its offerings
  • Improves the reach and awareness of your brand
  • Strengthens your brand’s SEO plan to boost rankings and traffic

Earn free site backlinks

While building backlinks has proven to be an effective way to boost a website’s performance, many hesitate to try it out. It is because backlinking can be expensive and stretch a small business’s SEO budget limits. In such a situation, brands look for affordable and even free options that get the job done without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to get free backlinks to your site.

  1. Posting on other websites and publications
  2. Commenting on forums and blogs
  3. Give testimonials for other businesses
  4. Use the Moving Man method
  5. Reclaim links
  6. Participate in an online interview
  7. Build mutually beneficial social media relationships

Posting on other websites and publications

Also known as guest posting, publishing your links on external websites is a prevalent method that is often possible free of cost. It involves submitting an informative article to a guest posting site and adding your website’s link as an external one.  While some websites charge a fee to post your article, several high-authority sites let you do it for free. It includes blog sites, news publications, and more.

Find a website that publishes articles relevant to your business. Then, reach out to the website with a topic idea that matches their needs and yours. Make sure to develop an article that follows the standards and rules of the particular site.

Commenting on forums and blogs

Free backlinks on forums & blogs

While it might seem too simple to work, commenting on external blogs and forums is a great way to build backlinks to your site. It can be time-consuming as you must do thorough research to spot the best blogs that match your brand’s interests.

Once you spot them, scan through the readers’ comments and answer the relevant questions. You can add a summary and a link to your website if the information is lengthy. It is a way to help the reader get the details they are looking for while building a solid backlink to your website.

Similarly, you can answer questions on popular forums like Quora and add backlinks alongside. Providing precise information further adds to your brand’s appeal among the readers.

Give testimonials for other businesses

It is common for top brands to showcase positive testimonials on their websites. The contact information of the reviewers is usually provided alongside the testimonials to add credibility. Surprisingly, this is an excellent backlinking opportunity. Look at the top products you have used in the past that were worthwhile purchases. Make sure the brands selling those products post customer reviews, preferably on a separate page. Then, head over to the websites and leave good reviews. Submit your website link as part of the contact information, which the websites will likely publish. It is a sneaky yet legit way to get free site backlinks!

Use the Moving Man method

Sometimes, a major business shuts down for several reasons. As a reputed business, its website is highly likely to have a lot of backlinks from high-authority sites. The website tends to remain functional without any content even if the company does not operate anymore. Therefore, all the backlinks of the particular site will lead to a site with no information. This is where your brand comes in.

Firstly, ensure that your brand’s website provides similar information to the closed-down company’s. Then, figure out which sites are providing backlinks to the old website. Reach out to the linking sites and inform them about the website going blank/under-updated. Let them know that your website link can act as a substitute and includes the relevant information. The Moving Man method thus gives you a chance to build many backlinks from reputed sites.

Reclaim links

Reclaim for free site backlinks

Your brand can be mentioned, due to many reasons, on other websites without any links. Identifying these instances is an excellent way to build new and free backlinks to your site. Identify which sites have mentioned your brand’s name, and then reach out to them. Let them know (with gratitude) about the mention, and request them to add your link. Make sure to send a friendly and positive email. If it works, you will get a free backlink!

Participate in an online interview

If your brand is getting invitations to participate in online interviews, search for websites that do them. Let them know how you can add value to their website by giving an interview. When the interview is published, your site will have a free backlink.

Build mutually beneficial social media relationships

Social media offers opportunities to share your links with a broader audience and build connections. For instance, you can share the link of another business on your page, and they will likely do the same for you.

Similarly, you can add links to your web pages for your followers to access. If interested, they will share the links with their connections, broadening your brand’s reach.

By trying these simple methods, your brand can get many new and free backlinks in no time!

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