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What is Directory Submission in SEO?

Directory submission in SEO primarily involves uploading your website’s link to online directories. This is a popular off-page SEO technique adopted by emerging companies. Developing backlinks is essential to grow your website, and the submissions help you do it efficiently.

How to do directory submission- Basic steps

Directory submission SEO

Submitting your link to an online directory is a simple and straightforward process. Check out the steps below to post your first listing.

  1. There are hundreds of web directories out there. Select the ones that are reputed and match the features of your business the best.
  2. A web directory typically has several categories under which it lists various websites. This includes Fashion, Travel, Home, Pets, and more. Choose the category that fits the best for your brand’s products.
  3. Check for subcategories under the main category you have selected. This makes more convenient for interested customers to find you.
  4. There will be a form where you can add your link and related details, such as a title and description. Keep the details short yet relevant to capture the attention of potential customers.
  5. Note that each web directory has its own guidelines on the details to include and exclude on a listing. Follow these regulations and submit your listing.

Key advantages of performing directory submission

Your website’s performance improves when a number of SEO elements come together. While directory submission seems simple and trivial compared to other SEO Dubai techniques, it offers many benefits. Take a look at the major advantages below.

  • Speeds up the website indexing process
  • Strengthens your domain authority
  • Brings in more potential customers
  • Boosts site ranking across search engines
  • Improves brand visibility and awareness
  • Promotes sharing of your website link
  • Offers good results at a generally low cost

Speeds up the website indexing process

Directory submission seo tactic

The sooner your URL gets indexed, the quicker your website tops on search engines. Direction submission significantly accelerates this process and makes your website easier for Google to recognize. This is particularly beneficial for new websites looking to keep up with the competition.

Strengthens your domain authority

Directory submission for seo

It is vital for Google to consider your website to be of high authority. Higher page and domain authority prompt Google to rank your website better on search result pages. This consequently leads to better traffic and conversions for your business. The right directory submission techniques strengthen your site’s authority and encourage Google to take notice of it.

Brings in more potential customers

There are people who pursue digital directories occasionally in the hopes of finding businesses that meet their requirements. If you categorize your URLs appropriately, interested customers can find your business through the directories. Once a person finds your business interesting, their chances of visiting your website and taking action are quite high.

Boosts site ranking across search engines

Directory submission seo strategy

In general, off-page SEO tactics help your website grow and rank better on Google search engines. The answer to the question “What is directory submission in off page SEO?” is simple- it is a process that helps in upgrading your website’s performance. Growing businesses use the method to enhance their overall SEO efforts.

Improves brand visibility and awareness

Putting your website’s URL on high-authority online directories and relevant information about your brand is a great way to enhance its exposure. It enables more and more people to find out and learn more about your business and its offerings. Performing directory submissions across multiple websites helps in drawing attention to your business; do it extensively to maximize the chances.

Promotes sharing of your website link

Suppose a person comes across your website URL on an online directory. While the person doesn’t require your services, someone they know might need them. Or else, the person simply finds your website legit and wants to let others know about it. They can share your link easily with those who require it through web directories. While older directories have simple and basic layouts, the newer ones come with social sharing options. People can use these options to share your link within seconds across social media platforms.

Offers good results at a generally low cost

Many of the web directories you can find in the digital space are available at no charge. Some sites charge a fee for uploading your links, but the cost is generally minimal. Therefore, you can use this technique to boost your website’s growth while keeping things cost-efficient.

Different directory submission types to know about

Directory submissions are typically divided into 3 broad categories as follows.

  • Free listings
  • Paid listings
  • Reciprocal listings

Free listings

As the name makes it obvious, these kinds of directory listings are completely free to post. You are not required to pay the website anything to use its services in this case. However, the site may impose certain restrictions on free services, such as a time or information limit.

Paid listings

These are also known as featured listings. You pay a certain amount to the web directory for your postings, in this case. This comes with better benefits than a free listing, such as more visibility and longer time limits. Some companies provide price packages from which you can take your pick based on your website’s requirements.

Reciprocal listings

This is a directory submission type that involves providing mutual benefits. Suppose you submit your link to a website. In turn, you need to list the latter’s link on your own website. This works well for websites of high authority.

Conclusion- What is directory submission in SEO?

Directory submissions SEO

Now you know what is directory submission in SEO, and what makes it worthwhile for your business. Regardless of whether, you choose a free or paid directory, the most important factor is that the website is reliable and of good authority. Your listings should attract more customers to your business and signify to Google that your website is good enough to rank.

There is a large number of directories on the internet, and the overall process is quite tedious in the long run. Hiring a professional SEO company in Dubai is a good way to save time and get the most out of your directory submissions.

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