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Top 7 Facts About Online Marketing in 2023

Studying marketing facts is a good way to stay updated with the latest trends to follow each year. The digital marketing space evolves rapidly, and businesses need to keep up with the changes to stay afloat in the competitive market. Check out the latest facts that can help your brand grow in 2023.

What are top 7 online marketing facts?

Top 7 Marketing facts

  1. Website visitors prefer interactive features
  2. Graphic design is more original and complements written content
  3. Creativity is key to let your business stand out
  4. Influencer marketing has become a top priority
  5. User-generated content is here to stay
  6. Content surrounding sustainability and inclusivity is trending
  7. Short and informative videos are highly appealing

Website visitors prefer interactive features

People visit websites to get the information they need, which they get through the content. To persuade a visitor to take action, adding interactive features to the website is a good idea. This includes interesting and relevant polls, quick questionnaires, and more. A chatbot is a highly convenient feature that people love and retains their interest if developed well.

What’s more, such inclusions help visitors save time and effort, which they appreciate. These features are becoming more common, and many growing brands are adopting them for their websites.

Graphic design is more original and complements written content

Online marketing facts

Generic and simple graphic designs just don’t make the cut anymore. Customers are looking for something innovative, and eye-catching on business websites. But this is not to say that is enough for the design to be loud. Brands are building websites with minimalistic yet engaging designs highlighting the written content.

The graphic design reflects the brand’s core values as much as the words do.  In short, websites that allow design and written information to go hand in hand are becoming more popular.

Creativity is key to let your business stand out

Small but creative additions to your brand’s website and social media accounts go a long way in attracting new customers. There are plenty of brands that sell similar products/services in the market. It is simple but creative elements that help your business beat competitor rankings. This can be anything from a quirky cursor to a giveaway with a mystery prize.

Influencer marketing has become a top priority

Digital marketing facts

With social media making a huge impact on people’s lives, the role of influencers in the business world is increasing. Many people rely on influencers for guidance on the latest products to use. Some people even look up to them for inspiration on how to plan their daily lives.

As such a situation persists, collaborating with influencers who share interests similar to your brand’s is a good idea. As the popularity of social media is not likely to die down anytime soon, this trend is here to stay.

User-generated content is here to stay

This refers to any type of content (written, image or text) that is posted on social media by a customer. This trend is closely related to influencer marketing. With people from all over the world connecting through social media, word-of-mouth has become a vital technique for brands to go viral.

For instance, imagine that 40 of your brand’s customers create Instagram Reels that review your products. If the content of the Reels is interesting, they will go viral and boost brand awareness. Creating a unique and attractive hashtag for your brand is yet another way to make an impact on people’s minds.

Content surrounding sustainability and inclusivity is trending

The social media discussions about global warming, climate change, tolerance, and inclusivity impact the business world in several ways. Consumers consider giant companies to be the major cause of environmental issues. Similarly, people are avoiding brands that openly express intolerance for marginalized groups.

This situation has prompted several companies to include related content in their marketing strategies. Companies are highlighting social issues that customers relate to, and how they are bringing a positive change with their businesses.

Short and informative videos are highly appealing

Marketing facts

Information is now available in short formats throughout the internet; people are more interested in such content than other types. A good example of this is the popularity of Tiktok videos, snappy Youtube Shorts, and 15-second Instagram Reels. You can add such videos to your marketing strategy to attract customers and prompt them to learn more about your products/services.

Brands are outsourcing for their marketing needs

With digital marketing becoming essential for brands to attract customers, companies are hiring experts to do the work well. Earlier, this was not the case as the online space was not highly prioritized by the majority of people. But things have changed in recent years. Hiring SEO Dubai experts, for example, work wonders in bringing new business leads.

Bottom line- Understand digital marketing facts to apply them

The chances of online marketing becoming irrelevant in the upcoming decades is next to none. More and more companies are considering online marketing to be a top priority. You can enhance your brand’s growth, customer engagement, and awareness by clearly understanding the latest trends and acting upon them.

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