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10 Ways to Get Traffic Without SEO

SEO is definitely one of the most significant factors in bringing organic traffic to your site. Perhaps, there are other ways to achieve traffic without SEO. In this article, we provide you 10 different tried and tested techniques of bringing traffic and how to get your website noticed.

Top 10 ways to get high quality traffic without depending on SEO

While many may suggest you to send fake traffic to websites, there are other legit traffic generation tactics. Mentioned below are 10 most effective ways to improve website traffic without SEO principles.

  1. Influencer marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Social networking strategies
  4. Email marketing tactics
  5. Encourage referral marketing
  6. Incorporate videos and photos to your content
  7. Engage in guest posting
  8. Promotional tactics
  9. PPC (Pay-Per-click advertising)
  10. Display ads

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

An influencer is a fairly new term that has emerged in the marketing space. This has come into existence with the popularity of social media. These individuals have a large social network following and are specialized experts in certain niches.

For instance, in the social media space, you will find tech influencers, automotive influencers, real estate influencers, and so on. Therefore, it’s important for you to identify which influencer is related to your industry to reach out to the right target audience.

Collaborating with the right influencers has the potential to direct valuable traffic to your website. Reports have shown that about 51% of an influencer’s followers will trust the products or services that they endorse. This goes to show the impact of working with relevant influencers to bring traffic to your site.


Content marketing

Content Marketing

Content is king. The cornerstone of traffic generation marketing techniques is developing original and informative content. This marketing tactic is considered a long-term technique that can bring a great deal of value to your website over an extended period of time.

While most content development strategies only focus on integrating keywords. Others emphasize including information that can be useful to the audience. Implying all the right cues of content marketing can help increase your website traffic without SEO.

Social networking strategies

Use your social media platforms effectively. Social media is simply not just about marketing your services and products. What you need to consider is to create ads that evoke a sense of excitement in your audience. Your social media ads must have content that intrigues the audience and encourages them to visit your site.

Do this consistently, and you will notice a gradual rise in website traffic and engagement. You don’t have to rely on click and traffic generation platforms to bring traffic to your brand site.

Email marketing tactics

Prepare a proper email list to develop an effective and positive email marketing campaign. While many organizations solely depend on social media and other forms of marketing, the importance of email is ignored. Many customers make purchases as a result of effective email marketing ads.

Therefore, paying attention to creating informative emails with creative designs to build a robust email campaign is important.

Encourage referral marketing

Referral Marketing

Happy and satisfied customers are your greatest assets. Your marketing efforts don’t stop after your customers purchase your products. What’s important to note is that every customer who buys your products needs to share his or her experience forward to other potential customers.

You will need to provide your customer with the right set of tools they need to refer your business or products to potential customers online. Providing your customers with relevant email templates, banners, or other social media hashtags will marginally aid in increasing your website traffic without SEO.

Incorporate videos and photos into your content

Don’t just create plain and simple textual content. Spice your content up with topic-related images and videos straight from YouTube. While writing blogs for your website, optimize your article by adding the right number of images and one video, preferably.

It’s important to understand that every image will have a description or title that describes it, referred to as an Alt text. Therefore, adding relevant Alt text with a natural inclusion of keywords will help Google identify the relevance of your images to search queries.

Engage in guest posting

Guest posting is the practice of collaborating with other high-authority websites. Publishing articles on these sites with a backlink to your site will give the audience a positive impression of your business.

The fact that an authority site is referring to your official website will show the audience that this site relies on information for your business website. So consistent delivery of guest post content to high-authority sites is a great way to bring high quality traffic.

Promotional tactics

Giveaways are an incredibly underutilized way of directing traffic to your site. While most businesses buy bulk traffic or depend on a click and traffic generation platform, we recommend you focus on giveaways. Social media posts highlighting a giveaway of your product with instructions leading back to your site are one way to go about it.

For instance, if you are in the electronic business and are looking to give away a bunch of products to your followers. What you need to do is create an elaborate post with step-by-step instructions for your audience to follow. One of these steps would be for them to visit the site.

Your giveaways need not always be a product of your own. You can also give away a cash prize, free services, or gift vouchers as well.

PPC (Pay-Per-click advertising)

This is another effective strategy to fetch quick results. While SEO is a slow and steady game plan, PPC is more immediate. Of Course, there is a cost to it but it will bring in relevant traffic to your site. People who are interested in your product will click on ads they find on other sites that direct them to your website.

Therefore, if you are looking for other alternatives to SEO to boost traffic to your site, consider PPC as a great choice.

Display ads

Another popular and commonly used method of bringing website traffic is display ads. A display ad refers to a banner that showcases your business or its products in a creative way. These ads are then displayed across various websites and eCommerce sites.

When an intrigued viewer or a customer clicks on that banner or a text element of it, it will immediately redirect them to your site. Therefore, this has proven to be one of the best methods to increase traffic to a website.

Tricks on how to get your website noticed

Social Networking Strategies

Now that we have provided you with a list of 10 different ways for you to get your website noticed and bring relevant traffic without SEO. What are you waiting for? Get your strategies ready and implement these methods and enjoy a substantial jump in traffic without SEO.

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